About Us

We are a group of baptized believers united in covenant to be the church and do what God commanded the church to do.
We are Reformed Baptist and hold to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. We affirm the 5 Solas of the Reformation.
We believe that Scripture regulates the worship of the church. Therefore, we practice...

Expository Preaching

Expository Preaching is much more than a buzzword. It is fundamentally “preaching the Word.” The message of the text is the message of the sermon. The sermon not only considers the text in its historical grammatical context, but also faithfully shows its connection to the law and gospel, and brings the message to bear on the hearts of the listeners.

Congregational Singing

We don’t come to Sunday Worship to watch a performance, but to give our worship to God. We sing because Christ commands us to sing. We sing out of gratitude in our hearts for the salvation we have received.

Meaningful Membership

In an age where church membership has fallen out of favor, we continue this Christian practice. We see church membership clearly taught in Scripture (ie, 1 Cor 12), and we recognize that it has far greater meaning than merely making a donation and signing a form. Our members give credible evidence of conversion, and have been baptized by immersion as believers.

Personal & Corporate Evangelism

When Jesus said “You must be born again” he meant it. We strive to share the gospel over the course of our daily lives, as well as during more planned times of evangelism as a group of believers. Corporate evangelism provides an excellent opportunity for a less experienced believer to observe a more mature believer share their faith.

Committed Discipleship

A disciple is a learner or follower of Jesus. While some churches are built on a 1-to-1 discipleship model, we strive to integrate discipleship elements into every aspect of the life of our church. Everything from the Sunday service, to small groups, group chats, and after church fellowship - everything we do has discipleship in mind. Discipleship is not limited to or even primarily about an hour a week meeting, but encompasses the whole of the Christian life.

Baptism & Communion

We are a baptist church, therefore we practice believers baptism by immersion. We practice close communion, which is the historic position on communion and is still taught in modern baptist confessions including the BFM2000. This means we invite all believers who are walking in obedience to Christ, and are members of a local gospel-church to partake with us.

Spiritual Fellowship

Fellowship is not synonymous with food, though it may include food. What promotes fellowship is the Holy Spirit, who indwells each member of the body of Christ. This reality promotes a spiritual vitality when believers get together, even when there is no specific agenda. A handful of true Christians can hang out and be enormously encouraged because they have fellowship produced by the Holy Spirit.

Qualified Leadership

While a plurality of elders is the Biblical ideal, a hard requirement is that elders/pastors be biblically qualified according to 1 Timothy 3, and Titus 1. This is a preaching/teaching office and according to Scripture, only qualified men may be elders.
Deacons are those who are specially recognized due to their service in the church. These qualifications are also essential to maintain (1 Tim 3). According to Scripture this office is open to men and women.

Accountability & Discipline

Two errors are easy to fall into: no discipline whatsoever, and hyper critical legalism. We strive to avoid both of these errors by preaching the Word and having Scripture set the boundaries of our conduct. We want to draw lines where God draws His lines. Our natural inclination is to go above and beyond the Word in an effort to control matters of conscience, so we must keep the gospel always before us, as the antidote to legalism and license.
When a member begins to turn against the gospel, we seek their restoration. If they persist, we will eventually remove them from membership and regard them as an unbeliever in need of evangelism.

Fervent Prayer

Prayer is to be as natural to the Christian as breathing. We pray both privately and publicly. We pray as individuals and in groups. We pray because we believe in the power of God, the intercession of Christ, and the help of the Spirit, who prays for us when we don’t know how to pray.

Sacrificial Giving

The New Testament calls for believers to give joyfully and sacrificially.  

Global Missions

We seek to spread the gospel to all  areas of the world. We have a special concern to see the gospel preached in areas with little to no gospel access, and the establishment of Biblically regulated, healthy churches in every area on earth.
This is the great commission.