What is church membership? The church is not primarily the building, the Sunday service, a marketing campaign, or its pastor. The church is the people, a group of baptized believers, united in covenant to be the body of Christ. The New Testament expectation is for every believer to be a vital member of a local church. It is an identifiable commitment with a specific group of Christians to practice the Biblical commands.
Joining our church requires a few steps. If you have a credible profession of faith and have been baptized as a believer by immersion, we invite you to take our membership class.

Membership class covers the following lessons which are offered in rotation on Sundays. 

  1. What We Believe: Our Doctrine
  2. What We Do: Our Membership Covenant
  3. Where We’ve Been: Our History
  4. Where We’re Going: Our Vision

The membership interview with the pastor includes the following questions:

  1. Your Testimony of Salvation and Baptism: How were you saved?
  2. Your Understanding of the Gospel & Other Beliefs*: What is the gospel?
  3. Your Gifts and Abilities: How do you plan to serve at Providence Baptist Church?
  4. Your Motives: Why do you want to join Providence Baptist Church?
* Other doctrinal and practical beliefs related to worldview, as necessary.
After completing membership class and passing your membership interview, you will be welcomed into the membership of the church.